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Executive Director's Office

Andrew Sandall
Executive Director


Eric Goire
Director of Operations
ext. 323

Jessi Jackson Smith
Director of Grants and Development
ext. 339

Brandy Mahler
Development Assistant
Membership and Volunteers
ext. 315

Jenelle Codianne
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
ext. 320

Amanda Neely
Director of Sales and Special Events
ext. 340

Sherman Coleman
Director of Finance
ext. 336


Cynthia Duval
Chief Curator and Curator of Decorative Arts
ext. 316

Eric Mauk
Collections Manager and Registrar
ext. 316 


Zach Zacharias
Senior Curator of Education and Curator of History
ext. 333 

Luis Zengotita
Science and Education Associate
ext. 313

Seth Mayo
Curator of Astronomy
ext. 337

Group information
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